Porto of Little Africa – Rio’s African District

The origins of Rio de Janeiro’s Port Area, also known as Little Africa. A place of strong African cultural heritage, full of samba and joy, but also where many important social  rebellions took place. Where Rio’s bohemian lifestyle and the …


From Myths to Animals

Guarani myths refer to a magical time when people were animals. A transformation that includes values and both human and non-human characteristics, important to the social and cultural structure of the tribe. Through oral tradition, stories that explain the universe, spiritual …


Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss


  The Winx Club is struggling with a terrible mystery that will make your heart beat faster! The archenemies of the Winx Club, the Trix witches, team up with the evil nymph Politea and find out that, to defeat the …


És Tu Brasil, 1 x 110′

Brazilian director Murilo Salles discusses the Brazilian culture and spirit through four artists and their work: Tunga (sculptor), Deborah Colker (choreographer), Carlinhos Brown (musician) e Alexandre Herchcovitch (fashion designer). Directed by Murilo Salles Year of production: 2003

Christo Redemptor, 1 x 29′

Através de relatos de pessoas que viveram na época de sua construção e do diário do engenheiro Heitor da Silva Costa, o documentário volta ao período da concepção da estátua do Cristo Redentor. O filme conta também com depoimentos da …


De Braços Abertos, 1 x 52′


The giant statue of the Christ overlooking the bay of Rio has become the city’s icon. Architect Heitor da Silva Costa took ten years planning and building the 38m high monument. Through unique archives and first-hand accounts of people who witnessed …