Árido Movie


Árido Movie tells the story of Jonas, who was taken away from his family at a young age and works in São Paulo hosting a weather forecast TV program in a national TV network. His father’s unexpected murder takes him …


Como Nascem os Anjos, 1 x 96′


Rude guy Maguila accidentaly kills a drug dealer in a poor community in Rio. He is forced to leave the favela and two kids follow him. While in town, the trio stops at a wealthy mansion to ask permission to use the toilet, but are …


Nome Próprio, 1 x 120′


Nome Próprio tells the story of a young writer. Camila is an intense and self-confident woman with troubles of her own. Her life is her narrative and she concentrates in having an existence exciting enough to be written about. Cast: Leandra Leal, Juliano …


Seja o Que Deus Quiser, 1 x 90′


Caca is a VJ at MTV in Sao Paulo. She heads to Rio to shoot a video about a new band coming from a favela. During the shootings she falls in love with PQD, one member of the music group. …