Daddy Cool

Daddy 0476

After 10 years of marriage, Adrien (42 years old), eternal irresponsible teenager, gets dumped by Maude (35 years old) who’s willing to start a family. Still in love with her and co-owner of their apartment, Adrien refuses to leave the place, despite Maude’s new boyfriend living with them. He strikes back by opening a nursery place in his soon-to-be former apartment! From now on, they will have to live together with a bunch of 3 year old children, managed by Adrien, who stays faithful to himself.

Director: Maxime Govare
Writers: Maxime Govare (screenplay), Noémie Saglio (screenplay)
Stars: Vincent Elbaz, Laurence Arné, Jean-François Cayrey
Year: 2017

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