Jair, Pakyî e Tamandua_BrunoJorge

Pakyî and Tamandua are the only two remaining members of the Piripkura, who still live in the rainforest in a nomadic way. Their area is increasingly surrounded by sawmills and farms, that want to expand further. In order to maintain the protected status of their piece of rainforest, it must be proven that the two Indians are still alive. That is why officer Jair Candor heads into the jungle every so many years, looking for the two men.

Piripkura shows the tragedy of the indigenous peoples and the systematic violence against them. The threat is constantly present in the background. Despite the admirable resilience and intransigence of the last Piripkura, the inevitable question lingers in the air: how much longer?

Directors: Mariana Oliva, Renata Terra, Bruno Jorge
Country: Brazil
Year: 2017

* Human Rights Award – IDFA 2017
* Best Documentary Award – Festival do Rio 2017
* Jury Award for Best International Documentary – Docville International Documentary Film Festival 2018

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