Como Nascem os Anjos, 1 x 96′


Rude guy Maguila accidentaly kills a drug dealer in a poor community in Rio. He is forced to leave the favela and two kids follow him. While in town, the trio stops at a wealthy mansion to ask permission to use the toilet, but are …


Nome Próprio, 1 x 120′


Nome Próprio tells the story of a young writer. Camila is an intense and self-confident woman with troubles of her own. Her life is her narrative and she concentrates in having an existence exciting enough to be written about. Cast: Leandra Leal, Juliano …


Seja o Que Deus Quiser, 1 x 90′


Caca is a VJ at MTV in Sao Paulo. She heads to Rio to shoot a video about a new band coming from a favela. During the shootings she falls in love with PQD, one member of the music group. …


De Braços Abertos, 1 x 52′


The giant statue of the Christ overlooking the bay of Rio has become the city’s icon. Architect Heitor da Silva Costa took ten years planning and building the 38m high monument. Through unique archives and first-hand accounts of people who witnessed …