¿Usted No Sabe Quién Soy Yo?



Ricardo is an amateur comedian who tries to be famous by doing stand-up comedy in local bars. He’s heartbroken because his girlfriend ended their relationship and is now with an older and richer man. With the help of two friends, Ricardo decides that he must pretend to be someone from the upper class, a millionaire… the problem begins when he meets Margarita while he fakes to be the owner of a radio station.

Director: Fernando Ayllón, Andres Felipe Orjuela
Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish (English and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles)
Year: 2016
Runtime: 95 min
Genre: Comedy 
Cast: Ricardo Quevedo, Freddy Beltrán, Iván Marín, Abril Schreiber, Aida Morales, Natalia Durán



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